Regngivare med reläutgång framtagen för att fastställa början, slut och varaktighet av nederbörd. Dessutom kan regndetektor användas för styrning av t.ex. fönster, luftventilation eller markiser. Regndroppar detekteras genom en kondensator på glas belagd keramik och är extremt miljötålig och robust för långsiktig dirft..

Regngivare Thies med reläutgång

Regngivare Thies med reläutgång
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Regngivare Thies med reläutgång

Rain Monitor / Regndetektor

 The rain monitor is designed to act as a sensor detecting the start and end of precipitation. It is used as a status indicator or sensor for controlling downstream safety devices (control units) protecting windows, ventilation flaps, sunblinds, awnings, etc. The sensor area takes the form of a capacitor on glass-coated ceramic. Glass passivation ensures that the rain monitor is extremely environment-resistant as well as robust while offering good long-term stability and resistance to aggressive media.

Mode of Operation

Whenever precipitation strikes the rain monitor and wets the sensor surface, this changes the capacitance of the surface, so triggering a switching signal, i.e. wetting of the sensor surface signals the precipitation status "yes". To protect the sensor surface from bedewing and icing-up, it is heated to an overtemperature of approx. 2 K. When the sensor surface is wetted, it is adjusted to approx. 10 K above the ambient temperature, so ensuring fast faster drying. Once it has dried, the device switches to the precipitation status "no".




Semiconductor relay, Type: normally open



Semiconductor relay, Type: Changeover




Technical Data


Measuring value

Precipitation (yes / no)


Precipitation "no" = Relay is switched on


Precipitation "yes" = Relay is switched off


Sensor "off" = Relay is switched off

Signal output

Semiconductor relay, Potential-free, electrically isolated, metallically separated

Relay- contact voltage

  1. φ > 0.9), 0,2 A (cos φ = 0.4)

Switch-on delay

< 0.5 s Signal- Output, 15 s Heating

Operating voltage


Current consumption

Heating off: < 15 mA

Heating on:
max. 0.35 A (@ 11...12 VAC operating voltage)
max. 0.75 A (@ 12...27 VAC operating voltage)
max. 0.3 A (@ 27...32 VAC operating voltage)

Sensor area

18 cm²


 Approx. 0,2 mm/h

Ambient temperature



IP 66 acc. to DIN 40050


 150 g


Housing: Polycarbonate (PC), UV-stabilised, white (RAL 9010) Sensor: Ceramic (aluminum oxide AL2O3), glass-coated Fixing kit: Stainless steel 1.4301 for pole mounting.


  1. Cable, non-detachable, type: LiYY 4 x 0.25mm², 3m long