Vind alarm system för övervakning av vindhastighet och vindriktning med reläutgång Inställning av larm från 0 till 50 m/s, 0 till 360

Vind alarmsystem 4

Vind alarmsystem 4
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Artnr: 4.3244.00.000
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Vind alarmsystem 4

Wind Alarm Unit Universal No. 4
The combination of established proven Thies quality, and modern security technology

The Wind Alarm Unit Universal is designed, in conjunction with wind sensors, for the introduction of preventative measure to protect objects at risk from wind.
Options for setting wind speed alarm thresholds depending on the winddirection

Tower cranes Bridges
Temporary installations Chair lifts
Wind energy plant Masts
Greenhouses S unscreens
Awnings Ramps etc

The wind alarm unit, in a compact plastic housing for mounting on a carrier rail, is designed for applications, which protect buildings and devices, as well as for securing technical plants.
It is indoor-mounted, and serves, in conjunction with an anemometer and an optional wind direction sensor, for protecting objects at risk from wind even depending on winddirection.

The selection of modes and parameter settings allow the alarm unit to meet different requirements and standards.


Order-No. 4.3244 .00.000 230 V / 50 Hz or 24 V AC/DC max. 10 VA
Technical Data  
Wind alarm parameters  
Wind velocity Resolution 1 m/s
Wind direction Resolution
Switch-on delay selectable 0 ... 120 sec.
Switch-off delay selectable 0 ... 240 min.
Input signal  
Wind velocity digital and analogue ... - 1600 Hz / 4 ... 20 mA
Wind direction digital and analogue Serial-synchronous / 4 ... 20 mA
Serial RS 485 for ex. for Thies US 2D
Wind alarm outputs  
Relay 1 and 2 Pre and main alarm
Relay loading AC/DC 5A 250 V AC cos Phi = 1/ 0,01 … 5A / 5 … 30 V DC
Serial interface  
Interface RS485 HD
Baud rate 300 ... 115200
Ambient conditions -20 ... +50 °C, non-condensing
Construction Housing for mounting on a carrier rail
Protection IP 20
Dimensions 105 x 86 x 85 mm (WxHxD)
Weight 0,65 kg

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