Datalogger Lux med extern sensor 1 meter kabel

Datalogger Lux extern givare

Datalogger Lux extern givare
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Artnr: ML47022
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Datalogger Lux extern givare



LUX unit fitted with remote Lux sensor


Formats Available: Data Logger Code: ML4702

Lux Sensor: Photometric diode detector
Range: 10 to 5000 LUX
Visible Wavelength: 400 to 700nM Visible
Colour Response: Human eye (Match to CIE Curve = 5%)
Linearity: 1% Angular Response: Cosine


Dimensions: 110 x 80 x 35 mm
Weight: 200 grams
Power Supply: 3,6V AA Lithium battery
Memory Capacity: 100,000 readings