Produkt kalibrering

Calibration of road sensors, weather stations, CO2 sensors, pyranometers, wind sensors and precipitation sensors – carried out by the highly qualified and experienced Lufft calibration service in Fellbach, Germany

Offert 999.CAL




Automatic weather stations / compact weather stations:

  • WS200-WS800 weather sensors of the Lufft WS product family:
    alibration of temperature, humidity and air pressure
  • Ventus, V200A Wind Sensors & WS500-WS800 weather sensors:
    Calibration of wind speed and wind direction
  • WS800, WS700, WS600 & WS400:
    Calibration of precipitation of the WS radar sensor – simulation of 3 drop sizes
  • WS501-WS510 & WS301-WS310 Weather Sensors:
    Calibration of global radiation for all products with radiation sensor